Moms Vs Dads

Moms and Dads do things differently. Sometimes, very rarely, they can do things the same but more often than not the things they do are just different. Not just moms and dads but men and women in general. For instance:

Dads way- When their boy gets hurt they say “brush it off, suck it up.” When their girl gets hurt they coddle her and make sure she’s ok.                         

Moms way- When either boy or girl gets hurt she just makes sure they are ok and tells them to go back and play.

Moms way- Goes into the bathroom, wipes it down makes sure there’s always toilet paper.

Dads way- Goes in the bathroom just to go to the bathroom, realizes there’s no toilet paper and yells until someone brings it.

Moms way- Get on the ground and play with the kids even if they don’t want to or like what the kids are playing just so they can spend time together.

Dads way- Play from the couch or chair because there is no way they are sitting on the ground. That will kill their back!

Dads way- Teach the kids to use power tools and fix things.

Moms way- Teach the kids to clean up after themselves and also fix things.

Moms way- Have a plan for the day on what is going to happen, even if it doesn’t happen exactly like it.

Dads way- Fly by the seat of his pants. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever gets done, gets done.

Dads way- Kid gets in trouble and dad is super lenient. Saying “Don’t do that again.”

Moms way- Moms have them think of their own punishment or give them one. After said punishment have a talk about what they learned from it. Either way they end up saying they hate mom first.

Dads way- It’s dinner time and everyone is sitting at the table. Kids have hardly touched their food but dad says “3 more bites and you’re done.”

Moms way- “Eat all of something on your plate or don’t get up.”

Dads way- The boy comes home from school and is extremely interested in girls. First thing dad does is have “the talk.” Then ask how cute the girl is.

Moms way- Mom let’s him know there will be no dating until a certain age! If at that certain age mom is screwed!

Moms way- Mom will have a dance party and get down with the kids.

Dads way- Dad will sit and watch football while said dance party is going on yelling from the other room to turn down the music.

Dads way- He lets mom sleep in (rare) or moms not home and he has to get the kids ready for school. The kids clothes don’t match or have stains on them, the girl’s hair is pulled into a dudes pony and no ones teeth were brushed.

Moms way- Makes sure the kids have “clean” clothes on and match as much as the kids will let her. Girls hair is brushed, braided and looking nice and everyone has pearly whites!

Moms way-  Potty training she calls private parts what they are for her daughter. Vagina. For some reason calls the boys a Weiner instead of penis but that’s close.

Dads way- Can’t even utter the word Vagina to his daughter and cringes every time he hears her say it. But weiner is made into a joke…a long running joke!

Dads way- Kids have bad grades. Dad says “Your not working to your potential, Dumbass.”

Moms way- “I know you can do better.”


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