Moms Need Playdates Too

Growing up I had grandmothers and great aunts that went to bingo, bridge or out to the casino and never understood the allure of such boring games. Sitting there at the slot machines wasting money. Waiting for your numbers to be called at bingo only to find out you lost again. A card game I don’t think anyone truly understands. I now understand that all those outings had little to do with the bingo, bridge or slots and everything to do with the fact that they understood that getting away from the kids, husbands and chores and reserving time for laughter and fun times with their friends was very important. Moms need their own playdates and here’s why:

1. The older our kids get, the less opportunities moms have for interactions- When the kids are young and not into sports or extra curricular activities you have an extensive amount of time to spend with your friends and their kids. Then the kids get older. Some of them join the same activities and some don’t. You slowly start losing that time with your friends and it is then that you realize how much you valued all the time you did get to spend with them and miss it. Time to schedule a “moms only” play date.

2. It is important to have a group of peers that surpasses the parenting years- Life with kids is busy and scheduled to the max. Especially for working moms. You suddenly start to wonder if this being a mom on call 24/7 thing is never going to end. But someday it will. For that reason it is important to nurture the relationships you have with friends and your partner. When you no longer have to pick up toys, be a chauffeur or proofread essays you’re going to have a lot of time to fill and you’re going to need good friends to fill it with.

3. Life happens. When it does it’s good to have good friends- All my grandmas and great aunts and such who went and played bingo, bridge and slots had the best women as friends for such a long time and are still friends today. They were/are always there for each other. Together they withstood the highs and lows that come with life. To have close friends around you to celebrate the good times and to support you through the bad is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

4. It’s Fun-DUH- Getting together with the ladies does not need to look like a bad “Mom’s Night Out/Mom’s Gone Wild” episode. Mostly it’s just great to be in the same room with great friends, with no interruptions. Great food, drinking a little wine (or too much), laughing too loudly at inappropriate jokes, listening to 80’s dance music and most of all chatting A LOT about everything that is good, crazy, maddening and awesome in our lives!

With that, I’m going to have to get busy planning my next play date! Who’s with me?


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