Memories In The Making

It’s going to be a busy weekend for us!
This is the 5th year I have gotten with my best friend and her family on this same weekend or pretty close to it. We carve our pumpkins together, have her youngest sons birthday and just hang out having Halloween/Birthday fun!
My kids have been more excited for this year than any other year I think. Delylah is very excited that her and her best friend are going to be the same age! She keeps telling him “Don’t cry when they sing you happy birthday.” That’s her thing. There is no singing to that little girl on her birthday.
We had the birthday boy spend the night last with his older brother. As soon as the littles woke up she made sure to tell him Happy Birthday and that he’s 5 now! It was incredibly cute!
I’m so glad I have best friends to make memories with and that our kids do the same!






Today I will have a 2015 picture. Seeing how the kids have grown each year is quite impressive. The relationships have changed some but they are all still there for each other and still choose to be around each other. WINNING!
Happy Memory Making!


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