March, I Welcome You!

Hello March!

March is a big month in this family. Not just my immediate family but my whole family. We have a plethora of March birthdays and this year we will be adding at least one more new one! Maybe even today!
I may be in a depressed state (and I don’t mean Texas) at the moment but I am still looking forward to the month! This year it will be different and I have a lot going on. Lots of doctor appointments for me and Delylah. We are staying on top of everything and getting things figured out.
This March brings a new beginning for me. Helping me regain my peace of mind again. Maybe. I am going to begin practicing Yoga. I’m nervous to do this but inside my head is going crazy and I know I need some form of meditation.
March means the start of the garden, which we have done. The progress is something I’m interested in. Having a garden here is a little different from back in California and was something I was good at. Hopefully, I learn quickly.
March means Spring Break! We have no plans yet. I was planning on going to see my cousin and her new baby but that really depends on the root of all evil…Money! And of course we have a couple of doctor appointments that week. No matter what we do, there will be no 5 am wake ups and crazy, hectic busy days!
It’s my birthday month! I have the pleasure of turning 33 years old this year! My massive birthday plans are to go to the movies with the family to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie and get a tattoo. Not on my birthday, we will wait for Travis to get home so we can celebrate together!
Apparently, March means super pollen and allergy times here. Luckily, Delylah has a good allergist and great meds. She can’t be outside too much with the layer of pollen on everything but she isn’t getting sick, which is a major plus!
This month also brings about spring cleaning. I clean and go through things all the time. But this month I will go through all the toys, dressers and closets and actually get rid of things. Donate, trash and refurbish whatever I can. The kids have tons of toys they never play with and don’t need. They have clothes that don’t fit them and I have at least 2 closets where I just shove things. It’s time to find a place for that stuff or get rid of it!
March is always a busy, emotional, memory filled month. This year might be a little more emotional because I’m more mentally messed up but it’s not permanent and I’ve already taken the first steps on the path to enlightenment. (I thought I was already there before we moved…so this makes me laugh) I had to take a few steps backward but that will help me with journey forward. March is the beginning of that journey!…
I’m happy to welcome March this year. To welcome new beginnings, learning and growth.
What is happening this month for you?


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