March – A Month That Brings Change!

It’s March!

March for me means a lot! There is soo many family and friend birthdays in March, including my own. The family used to get together and have these HUGE March birthday parties. They were always soo fun and it was always so great to see everyone. We haven’t done a March birthdays party for a while now. The family is spread far and across the states. Not to mention everyone my age is starting their own families. I’d love to bring it back. Maybe not every year but every other…..or something.
It is the month of Vodka Gimlets! My grandma and I share a birthday. When I was old enough (18) she and I would have Vodka Gimlets together on our birthday. It was her go to, favorite drink. She is no longer with us. So when March comes around it’s an entire month of Gimlets and remembrance!
Besides the birthdays it is the beginning of Spring! One of my favorite seasons. Tilling the gardens, planting more flowers and the beginning of the fruit/veggie garden!  All of the beautiful flowers and trees begin to bloom! Being outside a whole lot more as the weather changes! I always look forward to this time of year! This spring might suck seeing that Delylah is severely allergic to pollen, trees and grass! We shall see! Hopefully the allergy meds they have her on will prevail over the sneezes and sicknesses!
St. Patricks Day, Easter and the kids spring break are all things that happen during March. That means camping, celebrating with friends and family and drinking!
This year is also the year of change for us, maybe…. So spring will not only be bringing the change to the environment but for us too! Change is and can be good! It all depends on how you look at it!


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