Making Discoveries And Memories

That was the longest drive and the most miles we have driven in a day, EVER! On Sunday, our Disney World/Florida vacation came to an end and we had to pass through quite a few states to make it home. I talked with everyone and we had decided to try to drive straight through and make it home the same day. Over 1,000 miles and 14 hours in the car but we made it! Everyone did so great on that long car ride and we were all happy to be home!

Along our drive and being in Florida for a week I happen to notice things. In Florida there are toll stops on the freeway every 10 miles! We paid so much in toll fees, it was crazy!

From Mississippi to Florida, they have a maximum speed limit and minimum speed limit posted. I found that rather amusing and wondered how often people actually get tickets for going “too slow.”

In Florida, the colors of the trees are amazing! So many fall colors everywhere. Reds, purples, oranges, yellows and browns. The other states we passed through didn’t have as much color as Florida. It made for a beautiful drive.

We were very busy on vacation. Getting up early. Walking all day. Riding as many rides in a day as possible. We were eating crap food and having a blast! My kids were phenomenal! There were no major breakdowns and when we had to wake them at 5am they were in great spirits! They can go, go, go as much as we can! So can Mema!

I am not racist by no means but I found that the people who were at Disney World that were from India or of a similar region, had zero regard for anyone but themselves. Rude, staring, taking kids spots during shows, making it so no one can see around them. Even my kids began to notice after it kept happening daily.

The beach that we went to is supposed to be a popular beach. We went to Cocoa Beach on Saturday to put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean. For being a Saturday, there was hardly anyone there! It was amazing! The beach was clean, the water was clear and warmer than California. It was a great memory to make!

On our way to Florida, we stopped at gas stations and fast food places to pee and eat. Louisiana had the worst bathrooms and service out of the 5 states we traveled in. On our drive back we learned that the rest areas were much cleaner to stop at to pee and the people there were friendly. We stopped in Florida and Louisiana for food. Again, Louisiana was just a terrible place to stop. It might be better away from the freeway or in different areas but the areas we encountered happened to be terrible!

I didn’t see any wild alligators in that swamp land that we passed through. From movies and T.V, I expected to come across a view of an alligator at some point. It was quite disappointing.

Another discovery I made was when we arrived home. I know my cats are messy little shits but after being gone for 9 days and having the house to themselves, they took it upon themselves to be even more messy! Cat liter was tracked everywhere and I’m sure they went potty on the floor at some point too. (I am so grateful for the people who took care of our house and animals because we didn’t come home to that.)

Discoveries are waiting to be made everywhere. They aren’t just discoveries though. They are great memories and stories that can be told for years to come. Open your eyes and discover the world!

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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