Making A List

Everyone is busy making lists of what they want for christmas or what they need to buy for others for christmas. I have started no such thing. I don’t even have a list of things I need to get for my party next saturday. (which is coming fast) My kids made a list but they have about 5 things each on their list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally feeling christmasy. My house is decked out and we are wearing hats all the time. I’m more not in the shopping mood.

Last year I did almost all of my shopping online and this year I’m not even feeling that. I just don’t want to shop. I perused some websites yesterday for about 15 minutes and decided I didn’t need to buy anything. Kind of sad I guess.

I woke up today realizing it’s the 4th of December. I have less than 20 days to get what I need or want and even less time for other events and online orders. Even knowing that I still have no desire to begin this shop-a-thon.

So I’m taking this as a sign. I’m supposed to just bake everyone yummy goodness, sprinkle it with love and call it good! I’ve always baked for the holidays but this year I think I’ll be doing an extra lot of it! Better than shopping. Less decisions to make. Sounds good to me. So if you’re on a diet and don’t want my yummy goodness that’s a bummer. It’s sprinkled with LOVE dammit!

I’m not going to worry about gifts or lists. I haven’t so far so why bother now?

Are you stressing over the holidays?


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