Make Everyday Fabulous!

It is another Fabulous Friday morning!

Just like every morning before this.

Why? Because I have chosen to make everyday fabulous!

The grunting and groaning of my children will be fabulous today!

Levi’s school day will be extra fabulous! We have been doing science projects everyday and he’s reading a book in language arts that he loves about WW2. Plus he aced his math test yesterday! So Stoked!

Getting covered in pig pucky will be fabulous! That’s right. I’m looking forward to going out in the cold, trying not to get bit my mama pig and fixing things in the pig pens. Why cant that be fabulous!? Getting things done is feeling accomplished and avoiding getting bit is gonna give me adrenaline! Sounds awesome!

When my daughter cries after school today because of mean kids…yes even that will be fabulous! That means we are 1 step closer to some whoop ass that I may or may  not (eh hum) be looking forward to.

I’m gonna bring back Friday Family Fun Day! That is the most fabulous of all things happening today! We used to do it every friday without fail but life gets hectic. Well today I’m bringing it back! We do fun stuff everyday but Friday is our day. Once school is over there is no more chores and only fun things. Everyone will get to pick something awesome to do today!

Friday is an easy day to make fabulous because it’s the beginning of the weekend. The beginning of freedom from work or school. Those things don’t make the day less fabulous. Those things pay your bills and give you knowledge…if you choose to use them that way. And that’s fabulous!

So for me everyday is fabulous!

It just goes good on a Friday!


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