Loving Every Minute

Today is Delylahs first day back to school in almost 2 weeks! We talked last night about how she finally gets to go back to school and she is so excited! Her cough is gone and so are her boogers! Only took 2 different kinds of anti biotics and a ton of steroids! Levi will have me back to himself as well, so I know today is bound to be a good day.

Maybe not a “GREAT” day but it will be good. Right after Delylahs party we had a septic tank problem and had to dig it up Sunday morning. Let me tell you how fun that is! Today it will be pumped and I can do the laundry and dishes. One whole side of my house is out of commission due to the septic issue and I have a lot of cleaning up and laundry to do after our party.

Spending the day as a family yesterday was amazing! We all stayed together and did the things Delylah wanted to do at Knotts Berry Farm. No one fought or argued and Delylah exclaimed that “It was her best birthday ever!” Between her disco party, tons of family, taking the Baha up the mountain the day after her party and then heading to Knotts the next day, I’d say I have one happy, spoiled little girl on my hands!

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I will have another busy week this week. School, clean up, therapy and meetings with Levi’s educational specialist. I love my chaotic schedule and my crazy family! If my life was bleak then I might eat a lot more and drink a lot more!

As always, I am loving my life! Don’t forget to love yours no matter how crazy it gets!


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