Love In California

To be back in my home town has me feeling all sorts of feelings. The emotions that flood over me when my best friends kids all come up and give me big hugs is overwhelming and makes me not want to leave. Holding my new nephew and hearing the sweet sounds of his cry as I watch my baby brother caress his new baby and care for his mother is just too much to describe. I wish I didn’t have to go in just a couple of days.

I spoke with Delylah this morning who expressed how much she misses me and wishes I was coming home today. But I know she is safe and having a good time with daddy. All is well on the home front in Texas. They have been to a children’s festival and had tons of fun. I got pictures to prove it. She might miss me when she wakes and when her head hits the pillow at night but I know they are having oodles of fun during the day.

Yesterday, here in California, I got to see some family and my best friend. We had an early Thanksgiving Day feast and passed the baby around. It was so nice to see everyone and just be here. Sharing what we are doing in Texas and what we are missing back here. Seeing how well everyone is doing and how much the kids are growing. The memories being made couldn’t be any better!

Today we see more family and get to spend more time with people we love all the while passing around this bundle of cuteness!


Happy Sunday My Friends



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