Love And Hate

Here’s something a little fun for you. Some facts about me. Thanks Jen for the idea. You guys should read her blog! The Adventures Of Our Army Life.

10 things I Love and Hate!

First we’ll start with what I love!

Organization- I love things to be in their place. I don’t want to have to be looking for them or find them where they don’t belong.

My House To Be Clean- This probably goes along with organization….and my OCD. But I can not stand things not picked up or the counters dirty or when I walk barefoot through the house feeling things on my foot. What is that? So I love my house clean!

Fresh Flowers- Travis would disagree with this because I don’t like when he buys me flowers because they will just die. But when they come off MY plants I love having them all over my house. If I can!

When My Kids Play Together- Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids play together and happily. That is not always the case but more often than not they play together so well and Levi helps his little sister so much. She helps him when he’s hurt. It’s just heart warming.

Traveling- We are always on the go. Going somewhere. Anywhere. I love that we pack (over pack) and get in the car and drive, drive, drive!

Date Nights With Trav- As expensive as they can be we are not at home trying to have one on one time with the kids coming up every 2 seconds to ask us something. We are just out. Us, Having Us Time!

My Family- They are all CRAZY! All sides of the family but I love when we get to spend time together and I try my best to make sure I am at all family functions. (even when I’m not invited!)

Juicing- I love Juicing! Everyday! I feel so good. I love trying new juices and trying to get the kids to try them. Just Juice!

Dancing Crazy With My Kids- Just blast that music and dance like no one is watching! They Love it!

The Smell Of Rain- It just has a distinct smell. So fresh and actually peaceful.

Reading- I love immersing myself in a good book, whether it be fiction, non fiction or even some sort of self help book. (Which I do read but It’s usually about parenting)

That was 11 but hey I couldn’t stop.

Now for the things I hate….

Animal Poop- Any kind. We have so many animals. I am always cleaning coops or having to get in the pig pen. Seriously they poop sooo much!

Whinning/Pouting- Really, I don’t understand what you’re saying when you talk like that. And it’s super annoying!

Liars- Did that lie help you out at all? I don’t have time for made up crap about made up crap about made up crap. Come On!

Dog Slober- It might seem like I am an animal lover with all our animals and ranch but I hate when the dogs slober all over me. And my dogs can SLOBER! Can’t they just sit by me and let me pet them!

Parents Who Don’t Care About Their Kids- Why on earth did you birth them!? (This could also go with teachers, principals, family. People who don’t care about kids that are meant to)

Co Pays- As if we don’t already pay enough for insurance you now want more money when I walk in the door!? You’re welcome for even having insurance!

Lazy People- Really it’s lazy people who complain about life but Lazy People in general. I don’t have a 9-5 pay check job but I am up off my ASS everyday working it off, taking care of kids, taking them where they need to be and doing what I have to do and you’re complaining because you’re too lazy to do what you need to for yourself!? Ridiculous!

Hangovers- As much as I hate them I’m still stupid enough to get them and it reminds me of how much I hate them. Ugh! The Worst!

Touching Rails on Escalators/Stairs/Anywhere There’s A Rail- I don’t even let my kids touch them. Germ City!

Grocery Shopping- Maybe it’s the other people Or just the job of shopping itself. Maybe it’s spending all that money (which we just did tons of on vacation) I just hate grocery shopping. I get in, get what I need and get out! Getting what I need costs $250-$300 though and seems to take so long because I wait as long as I can before going again!

So there you have it. Some little tid bits about me. You can do it to on your own blog or Facebook, Whatever you’ve got. Let’s see what you Love and Hate!


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