Living In The Now

A lot of the time people forget to just live in the now. This morning I have lived in the now quite a bit. Let me share with you.

Just now I saved my dogs from coyotes. To be fair, my dogs a jack ass and wouldn’t come in but I lived in the moment and saved his ass all the while grabbing the 410 to shoot coyotes and hope I missed my other dogs.

Right now I am writing this…

Right now I am also enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in my favorite coffee cup!

I forgot to move that damn elf last night so just now I also re positioned the elf.

When I was feeding just now my ducks were attacking each other….I watched and laughed! You don’t get in the middle of a duck fight especially when it’s over a girl!

Right now (before I started writing this) I wrote a list of what I want to do today. Not that it will happen that way at all with home school but I wrote it anyways….just now.

So for the past 30 minutes I have lived in the now quite a bit….May not be quite what you expected but it’s what is happening right now!


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