Living A Suburbian Life

It is no surprise to anyone that knows me, that Texas is far from my favorite place. Not because Texas isn’t a nice place. There are tons of trees and it’s green everywhere (at least where we live). Most of the people are nice and we have a beautiful house.

We didn’t have much choice when we moved and we didn’t have much time to find a place. If we had all the time we needed or wanted, we would have bought more land where we could have had a closer lifestyle to what we had back in California. Land with animals and lots more to do.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know our location of transfer until it was down to the wire and we needed to move soon after. We were actually lucky to be able to find a house so quickly and be able to move just as quick costing us less money in the long run for Travis traveling for work. We were very grateful for this.

I was the most positive, optimistic person when it came to Travis’ transfer and our move. Wanting to believe in all the good things that were to come of this. I pushed my positivity onto my kids and the people around me, focusing on the bigger picture always. Recently, things have hit me harder than usual. My positive outlook is harder to obtain.

When I thought about it and talked with Travis about why I had been feeling this way it wasn’t because I dislike Texas. It’s because I don’t have enough to do. I have no animals to feed, no “big” yard to take care of and until my doc clears me next month I’m not allowed to do much and haven’t been able to. I do the same thing every. single. day! I tried making friends and having people over, trying new things and going new places to check out our new town. That’s not really my thing. I enjoy being home. Hiking. Camping. Horseback riding. Four Wheeling.

This shows the difference of how we used to live to how we live now. So if you are questioning why I am having trouble look at the first picture compared to the second. We lived in the area of that first picture. No real town. No city and no neighbors. Paved streets are few and little boxes are never seen. Hiking and riding in our back yard. The second picture is where we live now. I don’t need to elaborate on that.

My lifestyle is changing. I’m not ok with that at this particular moment. If we could, I’d like to look around for a house on some land near here and sell this one. It’s not exactly feasible right now but that doesn’t stop me from looking and possibly trying to figure it out…somehow. The fact remains that we will be living in Texas for some time. We don’t know how long that will be and if there is a way for us (me) to have a big piece of land and get back to me, I wouldn’t mind being here half as much.

Things I have contemplated doing lately include- going to college and getting a job. Neither of which I have wanted to do since I had Levi and still don’t want to do. I just want something to fill my time that doesn’t include spending all of our money. If I go to college, I just want to take some history classes and maybe some art and play sports. I’m older and they probably won’t let me play sports. I wouldn’t be getting a degree taking classes like that, just filling my time.

We did just get a small raised garden ready. We have bees on order for our bee hive and chickens are on the list even though they are not allowed within our HOA. If you don’t tell, I won’t tell. That is about 20 minutes of busy-ness to add to my day.

Life is different now. It is still the most amazing life. Everyday my kids remind me of that. My family surrounds me with love and happiness. We are here together. Learning, growing, figuring out Texas and suburbian life together.

Happy Monday My Friends


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