Like Any Other Day

Saturday morning and expecting to sleep in.

Ha, that was a funny thought. I have a couple of extra kids here who spent the night and they all seem to wake up at 6am and are immediately hungry! Breakfast is done and I think I can sit down to write but I have these 2 girls who talk more than I do and are looking at me in anticipation for my involvement in their conversation.

Meanwhile the boys eat and retreat back into the cave that is Levi’s room to watch minecraft videos and play legos. Anything to not have a conversation with me, clean up or have to deal with the little girls.

Still it’s Saturday and my plans for sleeping in were abolished by little humans. That happens to be ok today with amount of things that I hope to accomplish. I guess I will need as much “day” time as possible.

Making the most of today, like I do everyday! It’s always a good day to have a good day!


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