Life Is Fabulous!

It has been a long, long week. I refuse to think that any of the Bull Shit that has happened has resulted in anything but Fabulous outcomes. Are you ready for the positive word vomit?

Even though my kid wanted to run away and believes everyone on the planet hates him at some point or another, at the end of the day he knows that’s not the case. He knows remorse and love. He loves hard. The moments that we have shared since that awesome day have been Fabulous. The talks, the game playing, the smiles and love.

Delylah has been sick. Between her allergic reaction, ear infection that won’t let up and sinuses that want to kill her, I begin to wonder if she will ever be better. She is on her second dose of anti biotics in 2 weeks. She is scheduled with an ENT. They didn’t want to do anything when we lived in California but maybe now that she is older and has been sick since we moved here they will want to do something. Just having an appointment is Fabulous. The fact that her breathing treatments keep her from choking until she can’t breathe is Fabulous! Trying to get her to take the anti biotics isn’t so Fabulous but ya know, give and take.

Levi’s birthday party is Saturday. He invited kids from school but they all told him they couldn’t come. I was feeling terrible because none of his friends were coming. So yesterday I took his phone and started texting the kids whose numbers he had as if I was him. SSHHHHH. One of the numbers was one of the kids parents! She said her kid could come! It just happened to be the kid Levi hangs with at school all the time! Levi was pretty stoked when I told him and I got him the kids number, not the moms number. Now they are texting, calling, Clashing and whatever else almost 12 year olds do. I also got another kid to respond and they are coming! Sometimes it pays to be that snooping parent!

Today is a busy day. Last trip to Costco before the party. Meeting with the principal to make sure Levi is placed properly next year. Getting my wisdom high lights blended in with the rest of my hair. For as busy as the day will be, I am getting my writing in. I am getting a workout in. The house will get cleaned up. I will keep my kids happy with Ice Cream, Cookies and LOVE! They might not like that last one so much but we are keeping it real. Real Fabulous!

Travis is home. Home for a whole week! His work schedule has been a little crazy lately. He worked a 3 week hitch and came home for a day here and there. It was his first 3 week hitch since moving to Texas. He just happens to be home to help deal with the non-breathing, medicine taker and the pubescent mood swings of a tweenager. He’s probably thinking that work sounds so good! Just kidding. Maybe. It’s Fabulous having home. To help get things done and share in this crazy life!

I get to have surgery again. While that part isn’t so Fabulous. I am waiting to have it until I can have a family member or friend come out here and help with the kids (and Travis) while I have it done. So the Fabulous part is that we will get to visit with someone! Woo Hooo!

Even though we are going through all kinds of crazy stuff right now, there is always a Fabulous outcome. You just have to look for it sometimes.

Happy Friday My Friends


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2 thoughts on “Life Is Fabulous!

  1. What a great read. It’s amazing how many of the things that I’m going through are similar to yours, like my older son thinking the same thing and my younger daughter having allergy reactions. Thank you for sharing your moments!

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