Life Hacks

Some things I’ve learned over the years and don’t do very often but I’m sharing them anyways.

Put dry tea bags in smelly shoes or gym bags and it will absorb the odor.

Make your bathroom smell amazing by adding a few drops of essential oils (like lemongrass or sweet orange) to the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll.

Use paper clips to find the end of a tape roll easily.

Use a post it in between the keys on your keyboard to collect all the dust.

Use bees wax to waterproof your shoes.

You can use Doritos as kindling if you don’t have any.

Add baking soda to your water when boiling eggs and the shells come right off. (I always say this and never do it)

When stung by a bee, slice a potato and put it on the area. Feels better instantly.

If you’re cleaning your microwave, fill a bowl of water and turn it on for 2-3 minutes. The steam will loosen everything and it will come right off.

Tampons can be used as bandages. You can split the gauze flat and put it on a wound. They do soak up a lot of blood!

Make an aluminum foil ball to put it in the dryer. It eliminates all static cling and acts like a dryer sheet.

I’ve known all these for a while now but tend to forget when I need to use one. I still scrub the shit out of my microwave instead of doing it the easy way. My kids shoes reak! And I never buy Doritos. But hey, if I had to and I remembered these would be useful!

What are some life hacks you know?


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