Let The Chaos Begin

Back from Texas and the true chaos is about to begin.

Texas is beautiful. It’s very flat but it’s beautiful. Tall, green trees everywhere. We began our trip just driving around all the possible neighborhoods on my list. Some were very easy to eliminate just by driving the neighborhoods. In some areas, we absolutely loved the neighborhoods but once we got to go inside the houses and saw all the work that was to be done, they were eliminated. We had finally narrowed it down to 2 houses but new the right one for us and immediately put our offer in.

I am excited to say, pending inspection and appraisal, we came home with a closing date! We love the neighborhood. There was kids on every street outside playing. Everyone is so nice. They wave at you. They talk to you. I love the house and I know our family will do great there. I’m excited to begin this next chapter!

We knew we had to be moving fast. We just can not afford for Travis to fly back and forth, get a car and maybe a hotel, every week! The closing date is actually very close to what my timeline was as well which is the reason I have been packing, trashing and selling off stuff. Now, the real craziness begins. The shop is maybe 1/4 of the way packed (and not cleaned), the shed is close to the same. There’s a few things in the yard that have to go and go quickly. Then I have the house. The easiest thing to pack and take care of on this 40 acres.

 I won’t be home half of everyday to get things done this week. Doctor appts and school testing for Levi. This just means my days will be long. But I will be getting it ALL done.

I’m about to kick this weeks ass!

Happy Monday!


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