Let Me Confess….

Let’s all just be real for a minute.

Everyday brings something new. Lately, this is especially true for me. New feelings. New places. New things to do. New failures. New accomplishments and new goals. Let’s face it though, it’s hard attaining peace throughout each day when there is so much to do. Or you have kids that fight or walk around eating getting crumbs wherever they go which drives you mad! So let me confess to you a few things…

This morning I was woken up by a bad dream. Yep, almost 33 and woke up from a bad dream. A dream that will cause me to have anxiety all day. A dream about a toxic person that I can’t seem to shake. Like a leach, latched on for my last drop of blood!

I bought one of those wall decals. You peel and stick it to your wall for some super cute room accessorizing. That damn thing will not stick no matter what! I cleaned the shit out of my walls and it comes off. I got a glue stick and glued it to the wall! Yep, it made me crazy. Not to worry though, it still won’t stick. I’m bummed because I love it and it looked great where it was. I think I’m going to leave it there, half falling off for a while.

I ignored my kids for half the day yesterday. We went on a long bike ride, played some games, had lunch and dinner together. But in between all that, I couldn’t tell you what they were doing. I was busy cleaning windows and screens and the garage. Nobody died!

I made plans for a “playdate” today but I don’t really want to go. My depression wants to keep me trapped in doors getting things done here.

I spilled beer in my car when we were at the drive in. Now my car smells of old, hot, musty beer. I have no desire to clean my car but I know it should be done. Better the beer than the pee from the pee bucket!

Everything that has happened lately- me being depressed, Levi having trouble in school, Trav switching hitches- has brought us all closer together.

I found peed in under pants in Delylahs dirty clothes basket. I have no idea how long they have been there and I have no idea where she peed in them at. When I asked her, she “couldn’t remember.” They had been there so long, it was foul! Shows how often I am in her room.

Levi is getting a mustache. I’m going to pretend his face is just dirty for the next 2 years or until it comes in all the way. He’s 11, it’s way to early for a mustache!

I just waxed my mustache off! Hurt like hell and I have the break out to prove it!

What do you have to confess???


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