Let’s face it, not every day is our dream day. Not every moment is graceful and proud. 
So let me be the first to confess….
Since Monday, I have been laying around, hardly eating, not feeling well. I have gotten little to nothing done and paid close to no attention to my children. Ya, I am having major stomach issues but I’m sure it has turned into depression and self-pity at this point. 
I am sick of going to the doctors to be a guinea pig and getting no answers. Today I went and bought some books on all the stuff the doctor has mentioned and I’m going to figure myself out on my own. Tired of being able to eat literally nothing. Screw this.
I want to cut Delylahs hair so bad! I know she loves having long hair and it is so beautiful, but it is such a pain in the ass! Every morning when I brush it I think of how easy it would be if it was short and how much more I could do with it if it was just 6 inches shorter. 
I let my kids watch rated R movies with content they shouldn’t see or hear. And I don’t need to explain myself….
I will google words to make sure I spell them correctly.
I’m fairly certain my favorite foods are anything Mexican and Pizza. Maybe it’s just because those are foods I can’t even touch. I can not recall the last time I had either one of them and am beginning to see them in my dreams. That’s when you know things are getting bad…
I just waxed my mustache the other day to make myself feel better. It made me feel worse. Women are dumb.
I have a Fitbit that I don’t wear. I’m not in a competition with a watch. I do what I want.
I wish I had the motivation to do more to the inside of my house lately. Hang more pictures. Paint more rooms. Re-do the master bathroom. Eh…It will still be there.
Or the yard.
What do you have to confess?


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