Let me just begin with this-

I have been eaten alive by bugs and if you don’t hear from me, I am in a bath of oatmeal and lavender to stop the itching! I have been bit from head to toe and can count at least 30 bites today! Do you know how many my kids have? ZERO! What the hell?

I am quickly learning some things about my new neck of the woods.

It doesn’t matter how much bug spray you spray yourself with. I think they like that stuff! There are also certain times of day the bugs are worse….I haven’t narrowed that down yet but it’s mid morning and late afternoon. Best to just stay inside FOREVER!

We went for a walk and there were deer everywhere! Right on the street and they don’t run when you walk by. When I put the kids to bed and looked out the window there was a deer right in the front yard. That’s pretty cool.

Everyone is nice. (Except some kids that flip you off when you drive by, who I assume have terrible parents) So nice you wonder what got put into their coffee in the morning and if you should give it a try!

I have a pool and that’s great but the pool is already getting warm because it’s so damn hot outside. It is only the beginning of summer and I will be getting ice blocks or will end up shriveling up like a prune from the bath water pool!

Texans like to do it themselves! I like that and we will fit right in! When my table and dryer got delivered the guys wanted to put it exactly where it went so I wouldn’t have to move it. They didn’t want my help at all. I sold my old dryer and that guy didn’t want my help either. Very refreshing.

Besides getting eaten by bugs and swimming in bath water, it has been a nice change. I’m sure in time I will have that figured out as well.

Happy Thursday My Friends



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