Lazy, Stinky, Weekend Love

It has been such a fun, relaxing weekend. This cold weather has us inside watching movies, playing games and putting on puppet shows! Our day of crafting and video games yesterday was a blast. I was tired but somehow felt energized playing with my kids.

I noticed we have some weekend habits….not sure how good they are or if we should break them but we are consistent.

We don’t brush our teeth until after lunch or maybe even until bed time. I guess the weekend means laziness and bad breath.

We don’t get dressed unless we have to. Which we usually don’t have to so we are in pajamas all weekend long. The same pajamas.

Eating 3 meals a day is kind of a joke on the weekends. The kids might have lunch but usually end up snacking all day until dinner. It’s not that I don’t offer or make something that they don’t eat. We just don’t eat meals.

Just like the teeth brushing, I don’t think hair gets brushed. I do end up brushing Delylahs hair before bed because she has so much of it. But because we don’t go anywhere we don’t jump up and get ready for anything.

We play games and end up fighting because we are all competitive. And maybe some of us are cheaters. It runs in the family.

Between music, video games and T.V’s on and volume turned up very loud, we don’t listen or hear each other.

Now that they are all written, they don’t sound all that bad. I’m not going to try to break any of these habits. We are happy and enjoy our lazy, stinky, loud weekends!

Happy Sunday My Friends


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