Kids Vacation

The kids are off school this week. So what the hell do you do with them?

We spent the weekend crafting, painting, making obstacle courses, having hula hoop contests, watching movies and dancing around. At one point I had 6 kids here. But now I have the rest of the week to figure stuff out. It would be nice if they realized “hey I don’t have school, I’m gonna sleep in.” But sleeping in to them is maybe 8…definitely not enough time for me to get stuff done.

Luckily for the next 3 days we have afternoon Krav Maga but that is still only part of the time. I’m going to have to come up with some cool shit to keep these kids occupied and having fun so they will go to bed by 9 still!

They love to bake and make a huge mess in my kitchen. I’m so down! Gluten Free Goodies!

They love to go riding (quads), maybe I’ll take them on a long ride! That should tire them out.

We will be heading to the movies one of these days before Krav Maga so we can get hopped up on sugar and stuffed with popcorn!

Fixing up the fort before the weather hits would be a good idea and they both like adding their own personal touch to it.

There’s always more crafting and Delylahs been asking to learn to use the sewing machine. Now’s a good a time as any since we have free time!

We could always do chores and ranch work but technically this is “vacation.” Why would we want to ruin it working constantly?


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