Kids And Their Friends

My kids have play dates. That is no surprise as I have written about them often. They have sleepovers too. Almost every weekend! I love that my kids have friends and want their friends over and that those kids parents trust me with their kids. (they must not know me very well…..haha…. just kidding) It’s amazing how different all the kids are!

For instance, Delylah and her buddy are about 9 months apart (the buddy being older) and play wonderfully together. Except….Delylah is an emotional, dramatic, passive and sensitive girl. About everything! I really mean everything. The buddy is dramatic and bossy. Combinations that don’t quite mix well. On play dates there is either a lot of crying (from Delylah) or a lot of dramatics from both. It’s 50/50. They do get along really well besides all of that. Looking back on the weekend I am laughing now but at the time I was thinking “what the hell is wrong with these little girls?”

The buddy Levi had over is great. Respectful, fun, outgoing and helpful. Levi is, well Levi is not all of those things. He gets angry easy and isn’t much of an outdoor kid. But when this particular kid comes over he spends most of his time outside building forts and riding quads and not getting angry at all! Levi is a video game kid and his buddy will play them but doesn’t want to play them constantly, so Levi is on the go and it’s pretty awesome! When he gets stuck to the video games is when he tends to have more anger issues and that just plain sucks…for everyone!

We do high/lows at dinner every night. We go around the table and each person says their high point from the day and low point from the day. Over the weekend Levi’s quad crapped out and I thought for sure that would have been his low point because he wasn’t very happy when it happened. But when the time came for high/lows that’s not what came out of his mouth! His friend leaving was his low point. The fact that such things have been able to happen and not get him so riled as to hate the world is astounding and shows me how awesome this friend is for him!

So when the kids are constantly asking if their friends can come over and/or stay the night, it’s ok with me. Some friends are better than others but they are learning from each other and having fun. Except the girls…..We need to work on that dramatic crap!


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