Keeping The Momentum

Today is the day.

The day for the horse to go to a new home. The day for Levi to wake up in a shitty mood (he’s up and he’s grumpy as shit). The day for making doctors and dentist appointments. The day to fix the chicken coop. The day to get more shit done!

It is very much like any other day for me, except Travis is home and I will actually get help doing things! I might be most excited about that, the help. Things will run smooth and go quicker. Ok, probably not quicker. Travis says he does things the “right” way and I don’t. Well the “right” way seems to take way longer and I don’t have time for all that! We have a lot to do and not a plethora of time to do it in.

The sickness is going around at school again so we are making sure Delylah is washing her hands a lot and using her allergy meds constantly to keep her nasal passages clear. So far so good but knowing her it won’t last. I am still baffled at how she gets so sick and the rest of us don’t. Levi never gets sick at all. I might get it but don’t get it full blown. Travis will get it the worst besides Delylah. I will blame him for her terrible immune system and allergy problems.

In keeping it positive remember- This is a wonderful day that you have never seen before! Don’t start it with the broken pieces of yesterday. Ever day that you wake up is the first day of the rest of your life!

Live it up!


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