Keep Moving

Yesterday happened to be an exteremly busy day, although I felt as if I was doing nothing. I sat on my butt calling real estate agents in Texas and setting up for the places we are interested in. We head there at the end of the month and if all goes right we move a month after that. We are pretty positive in what house we want and as luck would have it, they happen to be dropping the price on it! I know that no one else here is as excited as me but getting to a new place and being able to start fresh in a new house is exciting to me! Levi is dreading moving and every time I bring it up he says he isn’t coming with us. It will suck to be him in a couple of months. All Delylah cares about it is if there is rainbows painted in her room. Travis is flat out worried about everything. This will be a good for us!

Today I figure out if I want to sell our house myself or go through an agent. I’ve been reading up on it and I’m no genius but I think I could do it myself……maybe? At any rate, today I will decide.

Packing will also continue today with all the boxes I have left. Looks like I will have to purchase boxes. That’s ok though. Craigslist has tons of people selling boxes and I head down the hill tomorrow so I can pick some up then. Much cheaper than hitting up Home Depot!

 As much as I hate sitting around making phone calls, that is the first step right now. I’ll be moving on quickly! Looking forward to what the future holds!

 It’s not how hard you hit. It’s how hard you get hit and keep moving forward!

Happy Tuesday!


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