Just Take A Minute

Alone on this beautiful Saturday morning as everyone else in my house is asleep, I have time to bask in my own thoughts. I have time to reminisce about the past, forget about today and ponder about the future.

As our lives so rapidly change we forget to take a step back and relish the little things that are happening. It has been 6 years since my grandparents passed and not a day goes by when I don’t think of them. Yesterday something small happened. Something I will never forget. My brother planted cherry trees. He said the trees were grandma and grandpa because they had this giant cherry tree in their yard and it reminded him of them. We used to climb that huge tree and eat cherries all day! Little things. They stay with you forever.

It made me think about my collecting of elephants since they passed and that it has turned into something on the “grandma”scale but it makes me smile. Not even realizing I was doing it like her.

I go through my bank books and my accounts just like grandpa taught me. I pay my bills like he taught me, writing on each one as I go. I didn’t realize it then but he was preparing me for my future. Helping me better understand how to better my future.

Now my future is about to change and it’s exciting! It’s a little stressful not fully knowing but I think the exciting part outweighs the stress. Not knowing where we will go next but knowing that together we will persevere and be able to experience new and different things. That my kids will have an opportunity that I never had, to see the United States. Really see them.

Usually people are afraid of change. I myself have not been fond it. But as I get older I realize I only have 1 life. It’s ok to change. Change where you live, your hair, your style, whether you want to ride bikes or horses or nothing. Big changes, little changes. There is good in all of it if you stop to see it.

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