Just Some Of My Parenting Fails

We all screw up as parents. It’s just going to happen no matter what. I can’t tell you how many times I have actually screwed up because I didn’t make a list. But I will tell you that most of those things, make me laugh now when I think about them. Lately, I have noticed a few more mom fails.

It’s Monday. I didn’t check Levi’s backpack at all. His lunch box is still in there and everything. He has a folder that all his teachers sign daily to remind him of homework and I didn’t even look at it Friday. Hopefully there wasn’t any weekend homework he was supposed to do.

I forgot to take bread out of the freezer to make them sandwiches for school. I thought about it, but never actually did it.

I knew Delylah would be sick after her party. Swimming all day and never getting out of the pool. Yet I let her do it anyways. Of course, she is now sick.

I couldn’t find Delylah yesterday. After searching all over I was starting to panic. When I found her I think she was more scared because I was scared. And she was just hiding in her room. Oooops!

I didn’t give her a shower last night because she is sick and I didn’t want her to go to bed with wet hair and maybe get sicker. If she goes to school today she’s going to be the smelly kid.

I said we were all going to be healthier and that it was one thing that did not happen over the weekend. We ate so many M&M’s and crap that I felt like I was going to explode last night. (And champagne) Maybe we will do better this week and my kids will actually eat a vegetable?? Maybe?

We haven’t seen a dentist since March. We all usually go every 4 months. But we moved and life got hectic. The kids are finally going to the dentist on Friday. (Still have to make mine and Travs appts) I’m hoping nothing major is going on in their mouths.

These are just my recent fails.

When Delylah was little we were shopping and I turned around. She stood up and fell out of the shopping cart.

I thought she couldn’t sit up and move around much (she was a baby, baby), so she was sitting in her car seat, unbuckled while I was doing yard work. She did sit up, fall forward and broke her nose.

I was cleaning and Levi was playing. When I went to look for him, he climbed up his 6 drawer dresser and was sitting in his fish tank.

We aren’t always there. We aren’t always on the top of our parenting game. But my kids are still alive. They are mostly healthy and I still have plenty of time to screw up some more! But they still love me!

What are some of your parenting fails??


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