Just So You Know….

It has been almost 2 months since Delylah was last sick. This might be a record. I never hold my breath though. Of course as the weather continues to change so does the color of her boogers. The pollen counts are rising, the sickness at school is continuing and she is destined to get something.


I blame the parents. I understand that your kids aren’t “that” sick and can go to school and you’re right. They probably should but you obviously aren’t teaching them proper hygiene. Let me help you out.

Wash your hands- Whether or not you sneezed or coughed in them. You are sick and should be washing them all the time. You touched something, you need to wash your hands.

Don’t be touching everything- Don’t touch everything and spread your germs everywhere. Touch only your OWN things and still, wash your hands.

Cough and sneeze into your arm, not your hand or just out in the open- Coughing and sneezing into your hands, that you use for everything is just a great way to spread your germs so everyone else gets your sickness. Not only that but coughing just out in the open spreads germs even more. Let’s practice-put your arm over your face and cough. Congratulations! Now do that every time!

Use a tissue- Those boogers seeping out of your nose that you’re wiping with your hands and then spreading all over the desks and doors, ya that’s fabulous. Teach your kids to use a tissue. In fact, pack them their own tissues!

Besides not touching everything, Don’t touch ANYONE- Keep your hands to yourself. You don’t want your best friend getting sick do you? NO! So just don’t touch anything.

Use Lysol, Bleach Or other Bacteria Killing Cleaners- Kill those germs at home and in the car. Stop the germs from spreading further.

I know not everyone can just keep their kids home. I know some are afraid of having too many absences and getting into trouble with the school district and in other ways depending on their situation. But at least have some common courtesy and teach your kids some healthy tips so not everyone has to endure the sickness your kid has! Some kids are prone to just getting the sickness every time. Some kids have the hygiene and health part down, like my own, and still manage to get sick every time.

Let’s do each other a favor and keep each other healthy.

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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