Just Be You

Watching a movie about a hectic,  stressed mom who blogs! Ha! Trav says “Hey look it’s you!” I am not that stressed but life is hectic. Whose life isn’t?

As I sit here all I am thinking about is how I want to lose weight, be more fit and every time I mention that to people they say how skinny I already am or how fit I already am. How crazy I am for thinking that.  But guess what? It’s what I want. For me! ME!!!

That’s why women have such a hard time. Because other women (and men) give them shit about what they want for themselves. For me it’s about 10 lbs. To be back to my before surgery weight and sitting around doing nothing weight. (maybe 2 or 3 lbs under that) But it’s what I want.

Instead of putting each other down we should be lifting each other up. Whether the goal is realistic or not or silly to one another or not it’s what we want for ourselves and that is not silly at all. Running a marathon or Body Building. Losing weight or having 10 babies or No babies. Rescue tons of animals, Let their kids run their lives or Run their kids like the military. It’s something different each person aspires to achieve. It’s not stupid or crazy. It’s just DIFFERENT from what you want. That doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

I for one am tired of being judged every time I say I want to lose this last bit of weight. After I had my daughter it was hard as shit for me to lose it as it was. I don’t want it there. It’s my choice. MINE! I hate hearing others getting put down for their choices as well.

Watching this mom in the movie get put down for how stressed and chaotic her life was made her more stressed. People are ass holes! No one was in her shoes. They all had shit they wanted to change about themselves they just showed their stress differently. This mom wasn’t judgemental either. Still people are ass holes.

Be what you want. Do what makes you happy. Don’t make yourself stressed for the happiness of others. You come first!


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