Judgy Parents Are Everywhere!

Everyone handles their children different in different situations. Should we judge the way another parents their children just because it’s different from the way we parent? Everyone knows the answer is NO but they still can’t stop doing it. I am guilty of this too. Everyone is!

Different doesn’t mean wrong. Different doesn’t mean that parent sucks at parenting. Different doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them.

Different means: not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar.

I  am guilty of judging people by the way they parent and I shouldn’t. It’s wrong. I know people judge me for it too and I guess if I know that then it kind of bothers me. Why talk to me then? Why are you asking about my kids? So you can judge me more?  I usually choose to cut those people out.

It shouldn’t be like that. I can understand in extreme cases when parents are just neglectful and maybe harmful to their kids. But when a group of people get together with all of their kids and you can see it in people’s faces as you are scolding JR or coddling the princess, what is going through their mind. Instantly you begin to find the faults in their parenting to make yourself feel better.

So what if I am on my kids ass about his attitude and you aren’t. We are still parenting…in different ways.

Maybe I spank and you don’t. That’s still parenting in different ways.

Maybe I use Time Out and you laugh to yourself thinking how that never works. It might work for me. It’s just different.

You let your baby cry itself to sleep and I rock them until they fall asleep. Doesn’t make either of us shitty parents, just different.

My kids have night lights that would light up the night sky. Yours don’t. Another difference.

My kid has chores with no allowance. Your kids have chores and get allowance. Someone else doesn’t give their kids chores at all. All of this is ok.

We sit down at the dinner table for dinner every night. You guys have a free for all wherever and are happy as long as everyone eats. Different parenting at it’s best.

You use holistic, homeopathic, organic medicine. I drug up my kid with over the counter meds.

I let my kids have copious amounts of screen time. You don’t even have a T.V. and your kids are clueless as to what an XBOX or an iPad even is.

From breastfeeding, birthing, at what age they walked, how they are doing in school, how you feed them, what you do for fun or don’t do. Parents judge for all that silly stuff.

You bottle feed. I breast feed. Big Deal!

My kid doesn’t want to even let the sun hit his skin and stays inside unless I make him go outside. Yours don’t even want to venture back inside, ever! Just different.

These are only some examples and I could go on forever. Parents/Moms (you know dads could care less what someone elses kids are doing) are judgy ass holes. Yes, I’m talking to all you moms, including myself. Whether you are aware of it or not you judge another for their parenting styles just because it’s Different than yours.

It needs to STOP!

Because of your judgy-ness that you deem to be “not rude” another mother has anxiety because she believes she could be doing better but in reality she was doing just fine until some judgy ass hole told her other wise. Or told someone else, who told someone else and then it got back to her, which is even worse!

Because of your jugy-ness another mother is drinking (or worse) every night sobbing in her self-pity because she can’t make other “mom friends.” You judged her for drinking because you don’t and now she’s throwin em back.

We need to stop judging each other and bringing each other down because we are different. We parent different, we spend our money differently, we drive different cars, our entire lifestyle is different.

Being different is what makes us all unique. You want your kids to grow up and be different from the other kids so what’s wrong with a parent being different? We are all just trying to parent the best we can and are always learning along the way. There is no right or wrong way. There is no guide-book.

Embrace the differences. Learn from one another and put a smile back in people’s lives!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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