Joy In 2017

No one knows what a new year will bring. No one knows what each new day will bring. Every minute of everyday brings something new. New feelings, new memories, new beginnings.

Today is the start of a new day. A new year. A new month.

Today we start a Joy Jar. A jar in which we write down anything that made us happy from day to day. Sometimes, it might be something that didn’t bring us Joy at that exact moment but something that we maybe learned from or brought us Joy later. Whatever it is, it is a memory. Memories I wish I could keep in a vile like Dumbledore and revisit whenever I wished. With this jar, that is a possibility. New Years Eve next year, we will read all our Joy’s and maybe not so joyous accounts of what happened over the year and re live those memories. Be able to cherish them once again. Laugh or cry about them once again.

If you doubted the greatness of 2016, I implore you to do the same. You might be surprised at the good things that do happen every day, at every moment that we forget about.

Welcome to 2017 My Friends


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