I’ve Been Busy, But I’m Back Now!

It has been so long since my last post! I think almost a full 2 weeks! With family coming into town, hosting a Christmas Party and the kids having a few extra days off of school due to the weather, it was nice to just relax and spend time with everyone. Today I am back it.

During the past 2 weeks a lot has happened. We hosted a family Christmas Party, which was a success! We had family come in from a few different states and created new memories together that will last a life time!

Delylah turned 8 on Wednesday! I have no idea where the time has gone. Lucky for us, the weather was crazy here in Texas and the state was shut down. We had freezing temperatures and some snow so the kids had 2 extra days out of school. She got to be home for her birthday so we had a relaxing day of movies, her favorite dinner (bean and cheese burritos) and lots of love!

As much as I loved having all of my family here visiting and making memories, I am glad they are all gone. That’s right. I love you guys, but you are all so messy! I have finally spent the last 2 days cleaning up. Bathrooms, floors, bedding, my garage. Christmas is finally being removed from my house. The only thing I have left to dismantle is the tree and that will be done as soon as I finish writing this. I would have loved for it to be warm while my family was here so we could have been outside more. Good ol’ Texas weather. Super Bi-Polar!

I am so glad it’s Friday though. As if I didn’t have a relaxing few days while the kids had time off of school, I was still entertaining family. It’s different when it’s just us.

Today will be a Friday Family Fun Day. I am debating the drive in or just regular movies. Maybe a friendly competition of Mario Kart…..where I cheat so I can win. Levi is just too good at that game.

It is so nice to be getting back to routine, once again. It has been a busy couple of weeks with no really routine except for the few days my kids did have school. They need their routine just as much as I do!

Happy Friday My Friends


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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy, But I’m Back Now!

  1. Winter tell Travis Bonneville is Driving for Calportland. 7th day in Montecito FEMA clean up. Devastating there. WSB. PS nice beard but loose some of belly. 😎

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