It’s Party Day!

Today is party day!

I have 300 water balloons to fill. Fruit to cut. Hummus to make. Travis has 6 racks of ribs to smoke. Donuts to tray. Drinks and Ice to place. All easy things really. Except maybe the water balloons. I should be doing that right now before it gets super hot but nah. I’d rather write and think about how I can fit some yoga in before people get here.

This is Levi’s first party in Texas. Last year we moved to Texas on Levi’s birthday and he said it was the worst birthday of his life. I definitely believe him as this has been one of the hardest years of his life. His actual birthday is next Saturday, the 10th. It will be his 12th birthday and 1 full year for us in Texas. I hope his party today is everything he wanted. I tried to do everything he asked for. He didn’t ask for much at all so it was and wasn’t hard.

All he wanted was swimming, video games, ping pong, water balloons and apple shmear. That was all easy. All black decorations. Ribs, donuts, fruit, chips and cheese dip, cheese and crackers and soda. A chocolate cake from Costco with NO writing. The only gift he asked for was a pogo stick. We got him 3! That was he could play with his friends during his party. We let him open them yesterday. But that made it hard when people asked what to get him. At this age, I don’t know. Just money. He’s saving up to buy himself a T.V. He’s almost saved enough too. I bet after his party today he has enough and will get the T.V he wants!

He didn’t ask for much or anything extravagant.  He wanted things plain and simple. I always feel like to have to go all out. But that’s not really the case. All I can hope for at this point, is smiling faces. Especially from him!

We shall see.


Happy Saturday My Friends


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