It’s Over…

It’s early.

Here we sit in the airport to head home. I could have used more sleep and more time but everything ends at some point, right?

What a fantastic time we had in Seattle. The last couple of days consisted of walking the market place, a dinner with trapeze performers, finally going up the space needle and visiting Travis’ old friend. The marketplace is pretty awesome and I could’ve spent a lot more time there. They throw the fish like in the movies and there’s a ton of local vendors who all make their own stuff. It’s like a huge swap meet but with good shit, not crappy shit.


Our trapeze dinner was the most delicious food we have ever eaten! A little different of a place. You walk down an alley and there’s this pink door. No restaurant sign, no we are open sign,  nothing. You walk in and go down stairs. It had this italian, vintage atmosphere.  Definitely a place I would visit again if we ever came back.

One morning I got Travis to hit the gym with me. We had been doing at least 10 miles of walking everyday but I needed a little something more. It was nice to sweat it out….the booze!

Now we head back to the chaos of life…real life.

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