It’s Going Around

All of a sudden I have a bunch of sick people in my house. Travis came home from work early sick. Delylah started getting sick Friday but it wasn’t that bad. It’s bad now! In her eyes, ears, chest, sinuses. Levi just started coughing and I am the only one yet to get it. To top it off Levi’s insomnia is in full force. He hardly slept at all last night. The one night Delylah did sleep!

With all these sickies though I’m sure it won’t be long until I get it.

Travis is the only one on meds so he will be better before everyone else! Jerk!

With Christmas coming and visiting family this sure comes at a shitty time. My medicine/home remedies pile that I have everyone on is getting larger by the day. It must be helping though.  Delylahs chest congestion is loosening up and Levi hasn’t gotten any worse. I’m over here knocking on wood!!

It’s times like these that test you as a parent. You’re tired but the kids are sick. You had a drink and want another but the kids are sick. Who knows how bad it will get or how fast it will get that way. Do you have another drink or sleep through their hacking all night long?

It’s going around. No matter how much you wash your hands and try to stay “clean,” you can still get the sickness! I’m thankful it’s not the one that was going around a few weeks ago when I kept Delylah from school. The bad FLU bug! This isn’t so bad compared to that!

Stay Healthy!


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