It’s Friday And I’m Feeling Fabulous!

It’s Friday and it will be Effing Fabulous!

 I don’t care that I had to stay up until 1 am because of some unforeseeable Bull Shit that had to be fixed. I am awake at 5 am to vomit words all over the place! And I have an Effing smile on my face! So take that!

Today is fabulous. Everyday is what you make it and even though I didn’t sleep, had to deal with Bull Shit and I know it’s going to be a long day, IT WILL BE FABULOUS!

I get to go to Levi’s school, sit in art class and watch him NOT have an attitude about drawing a rose for his mom for Mother’s Day. That’s Fabulous!

I also get to have a chat with the principal about his shitty attitude about drawing that damn rose, which he failed to mention when he came home yesterday. I haven’t had a good chat with the principal in a couple of weeks, so this will be Fabulous!

My plans for the weekend have changed a bit so my day will be busier than I intended. Busy usually means the day will go by fast though, so that is Fabulous!

I have no laundry to wash! I don’t just mean that it’s in the bins and I’m not washing it. I mean there is literally no dirty clothes!!!!!! Nothing is as Fabulous as this!

Our bees are making Honey! I know that’s what they do but to see it happening and watch them work is amazing! We had to open the hive to add and fix a few things and it was awesome just seeing what they have created! The honey tastes fantastic too!

Peanut Butter M&M’s are Fabulous!

We have our entire trip in June, planned and mapped out. 6,000 miles over the course of 21 days and visiting 43 family members/friends but also seeing the sights of 7 states! I am excited and feel fabulous just knowing that the planning part is done!                        Adventure awaits!

I smell. I don’t just mean I have a body odor. I Effing stink. I did two yoga sessions yesterday with one of them being a hot class and with everything that happened last night I didn’t shower. I was up until 1 am and thought about showering but did not accomplish the act of showering. I was just too tired and knew I had to be up early. I don’t know why this is fabulous but somehow I feel great about it! (I may or may not get my shower in today with all the craziness)

What has you feeling Fabulous today?


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