It’s Basically Here…

Spring Break!

It’s the kids’ last day of school today and then we get to endure…spring break! Didn’t we just have “Presidents Week Break?” I’m pretty positive that we did. I remember spring break being cool and watching MTV. Not that I dread it now. It’s not terrible being the adult. But I have to occupy the beasties and I have to do it well.

I only have one thing planned from Easter until Wednesday (A trip to see my best friend!) but knowing my kids, that’s not enough. We always have kids over and my kids always go to others so we will keep that up during spring break for sure. I definitely have no problem sharing the craziness!

Of course when you check the weather, almost all of spring break is calling for rain where I live! Why weather gods? Why would you do that to us parents? So there goes any plans of bike riding, hiking or beaching it.


I can hear it already. “There’s nothing to do. It’s so boring. Let’s go spend your money. We ate all the snacks, can you go shopping?

Ah, the joys of spring break. It’s coming all too quickly!

They can always help me pack!

I hope all you other parents out there enjoy your spring break! For those that don’t live in my area and get to have nice weather, I will ship you my kids for free!


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