It’s April You Fool!

It’s April!

We still have no idea where Travis will be transferred but I am still packing and planning. Selling, giving away and trashing things we won’t be taking. Moving is in the near future no matter where they decide to send him. It’s exciting!

Levi will be done with school this month, not including his state testing. He has done so well being at home. Better than he would have done at school….I think.

Anza weather is always changing. April will start to warm up for us but it will probably also snow again. That is the joy of living in the mountains.

These are the last few day of Spring Break! It’s been a lot of fun with our little trip to Vegas and just hanging at home yesterday. Today it’s the movies and the weekend will be spent with friends and family. A great way to end Spring Break!

Before I left for Vegas my vacuum broke. That doesn’t mean much to most but my OCD for my clean house needs me to have a vacuum. That and my white carpet! Luckily, Dyson is sending me the parts to fix it and they should be here any day. They can’t get here soon enough!

April is the beginning of change for my family. Changes that will ultimately help us grow as a unit and individually.

What does April hold for you???


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