It’s A Strange Day….

Today has been a different kind of day.

My kids didn’t have school yesterday so today is like our Monday. We all have some piece of Delylah’s head cold/respiratory issue. And I knew I had a doctor’s appointment today but of course failed to write down the time of the appointment. I had to wait until they opened to call and find out. My appointment happened to be right after they opened. Of course. And so my day goes on.

My appointment was with a gastrointestinal doctor. Upon walking in, my first observation is that I am probably the youngest patient this place has seen in a very long time. It felt weird being the youngest person in the office. I left the appointment with a day and a half of fasting and a colonoscopy schedule for tomorrow. Lucky me!

So right off the bat, I have some tips for preparing for your first colonoscopy.

While I was not prepared for them to schedule it the next day and I am not a breakfast person, you should EAT! Eat a lot! You have to fast for at least 24 hours if not more depending on the time of your procedure. So I didn’t have breakfast, went to my appointment at 9am and my colonoscopy was scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. No food for me until after, which I probably will be nauseous from anesthesia and not eat anyways.

Don’t skimp on crappy toilet paper. You’ll be wiping a lot!

The nasty drink you have to drink, isn’t all that bad.

Drink tons of water to feel full. Water, tea. Anything that is clear is allowed.

I’m sure in a couple of hours I will either be starving or completely turned off by food from the amount of times I will have used the bathroom.

Here is to an awesomely strange Tuesday! Great start to my week!


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