I was going to post this terribly depressing post revealing all of my over grown emotions and complaining about being lonely. Instead I deleted it all and decided I had better go with a Fabulous Friday post to help lift me up!


Ok, so today is fabulous. Why? Because I choose for it to be that way. You can too. All you have to do is change your way of thinking about it.

Today I am going to my first vintage market place. Hopefully I find some awesome new scores for the house and will be able to share them with you later. It is in an air-conditioned building (thank goodness) and they have a food truck selling street tacos! Talk about a good way to make the day fabulous!

My kids are still asleep and it’s 8:30 here. We have been going to bed late and getting up kind of late. We are not used to the time change and the days seem to just fly by. But they are getting their rest from dehydration (I was a bad mom) which is much needed right now. They will wake up and be FABULOUS!

The only boxes I have left in the house have my pictures in them. It took me a year to hang up pictures in the old house. Hopefully I get to them before then. There are boxes in the garage still but I am almost done unpacking and cleaning. This is extremely Fabulous! It felt like I would never be done!

Only half of my bug bites are itchy as hell. That’s pretty good considering I have at least 50 and in places you would think you would never get bit. So instead of itching my whole body, I am only itching half. That’s pretty good….right? I’m calling it fabulous today!

I got my new table and it is FABULOUS! I love it and am so happy the kids have somewhere besides the floor to eat their food. They were making quite the mess.


Today I set up the office. MY office. My space. I am excited to get it set up and even more excited to eventually get it decorated. How fabulous to have my OWN space! Somewhere to create works of genius. Ya right but it will still be mine!

I choose to make today Fabulous!

What about you?



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