It Will All Be Okay!

Society today has led us all to believe that certain things are not OK. Whether in public or in privacy, they are just not approved by the general population. Maybe they used to be back in the day but forget about doing any of that now. Or maybe they never were and people can never change, so forget about ever doing something like that.


It’s ok to let your kids get dirty. Like really, really dirty. They don’t have to change to eat lunch either because they are going to go back out and get dirty again. Believe me. It’s going to be OK!

It’s ok to drink around your kids. Do you think that “back in the day” that was uncalled for? The days when booze and cigarettes were the outlets? Right! There’s much worse things that you could be doing. Don’t do those things. But having a drink in your own home, around your own kids, is OK!

It’s ok to cry. Cry in public. Cry at home. Cry because you’re happy. Cry because you’re sad. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female for this one. Crying is A-OK. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s quite the opposite. You have to be a strong person to let it all out in the open for people to see. Some people are just not criers and some people are and that too is OK!

Yelling. Now this one is frowned upon but that doesn’t mean it’s not OK. And you will receive an audience and people will think you’re an Ass Hole no matter the reason you’re yelling. It’s still OK! You can yell because you’re happy or because your kid isn’t listening and you’ve had to repeat yourself twenty thousand times and you’re now losing your shit. It’s still OK!

 Simple PDA’s. People hate to see this. Some people hate to do this. But it’s OK! It’s LOVE people.. Get over it! Some people take it too far and there should be a limit that’s why I said “SIMPLE.” Kissing and holding hands in public is almost a foreign thing now a days. Show the people you love, that you love them. It won’t hurt anyone.

It’s ok to say NO! Remember that slogan “Just say No?” You don’t have to say Yes to everything. You can say NO. It is polite to say yes and polite to help people out but you don’t have to. You can say NO and you don’t have to have an explanation either. NO means NO. It’s all gonna be OK!

It’s ok to give your kids cereal for dinner or ice cream! Yes, yes it is. The day was long and you’re gonna have salad that they won’t eat anyways. Cereal or ice cream is just so easy and they can do it themselves. Yes. It’s OK!

It doesn’t matter what people think. It doesn’t matter what people do. It’s all usually OK! People will judge and jump to conclusions because they themselves feel like they can’t do what you’re doing or have justified why it isn’t right. Even if they chose to switch up their lives to incorporate the stuff they once thought wasn’t right doesn’t make them not OK. It is! It’s all OK! Everyone has different life choices. They raise their kids differently. The eat differently. The may choose to work out or not. That’s all OK! That is why life is full of choices. It’s not for anyone to say what is permitted or the correct way. There is no hand book for life. No matter which way you choose to live, it is usually the right way for you.

Don’t judge. Days and Lives are hard but Life is OK. Choices make you. They can break you. But that is your choice and yours alone. And that’s all OK!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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