It Was A Fabulous Friday!

Yesterday was a Fabulous Friday. I was too busy to write having fun and getting things done but today has been a lazy Saturday with a once again sick Delylah. I swear that girl can not stay healthy for very long.

Back to yesterday.

It was the First of December. The beginning of the last month of the year. The beginning of chaos in every store including grocery stores. The beginning of school concerts and plays. The beginning of us staying inside for the next month to avoid people because December somehow turns most people into savages! But that’s ok. That’s actually Fabulous! It’s the month of doing something christmasy together everyday. A craft, a movie, an activity. Something we get to do together every day without feeding into the chaos.

It was the First of December and that meant it was time to decorate! I wanted the outside of our house to have very minimal decorations. I went all out for Halloween and didn’t even place in the decorating contest for our neighborhood. So for Christmas I was going Grinch style. Bah-Humbug my friends. We searched High and Low for a damn Grinch and finally found the last one on display in a store in the next town over. They gladly took it down for us and we were stoked to have our yard all done. These are terrible pictures but it’s what I got last night.

To put up those Christmas lights someone had to get on the roof. I am happy to say that someone was not me. That made my Friday extra Fabulous! And that Travis didn’t fall off the roof, even more Fabulous!

We began our Christmas movies for the month of December with Ernest Saves Christmas. Nothing like a little 80’s humor and terrible video quality to bring on the Christmas spirit.

Letters to Santa were written, even by the almost teenager. His might just resemble a list of things he is looking to acquire but he did write it and didn’t mis-spell any words!

We finally got to bottle the wine we made! And we got to drink it! It is probably not my favorite but it is drinkable! Plus, all the effort that went into making it, you know damn well it will get drank! Wine Wednesday’s here we come!

Our First of December, First Friday of the month, was Fabulous! How was yours???



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