Escrow has closed!

We are homeowners of a beautiful home in Texas! I can finally share it with everyone!

    Our New Texas Home

Click the link above ↑↑↑  to view our new home!

The journey has been exciting, exhausting and never-ending. It certainly doesn’t end when we get there. This is a big life change and the journey and adventure of life never truly ends.

The last few days here are going to be hard. Saying “See you later,” last of the cleaning and all of the loading. As the kids watch us load up all that I have packed, it hits them hard. They aren’t excited about moving only about getting to tear open those boxes and get their beloved personal items back! I don’t blame them. They have never had to do anything like this before. They have been strong throughout the whole process and continue to show me what awesome little humans we have created.

In just a few short days we start the long drive “home.” I am most excited about this part. I enjoy road trips and this road trip is monumental to our family. The drive is going to take us places we have never been. Let us see things we have never seen. While I’m pretty sure it’s pretty flat and bleak, it will still be NEW to us! The beauty lies in our eyes and how we see it and I can’t wait to take it all in.

We have a lot of help today to finish loading and cleaning. We will use them and abuse them and then feed them and send them home!

Everyday is what you make it. Why make it anything other than Awesome!?

Happy Tuesday!



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3 thoughts on “IT REALLY BEGINS NOW!

  1. Congrats on the new home. It’s gorgeous!
    I told Travis I wad going to get to see you guys before you moved but I’m not sure it’s going to happen, going to try still. Best of luck with the move! We must come visit!

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