It Is What You Make It, I’m Making It Awesome!

It’s all of a sudden 2016 and with that brings many things for my family.

Delylah turns 6 this month! Both of my kids are my babies. Levi is my first baby and will always be that to me and she is my last. I’m nowhere near ready for her birthday party but she knows exactly what she wants already! A disco party with a disco ball and disco music. Not that hard to pull off right? We shall see. I’ve got 3 weeks and a lot going on in that time.

In the next few months we should be finding out where they are transferring Travis and if or where we will be moving. The only part of that I dread is packing. I like to get rid of stuff and de clutter when we move and Travis does not like to get rid of ANYTHING! We shall see. It will be exciting if we have to move. We have only known Anza and it would be great for our kids to experience something completely different! The job switch might suck but only time will tell for that. Not knowing is stressful at times but all you can do is what for the word and hope for the best.

Levi is 1 year closer to being a teenager although he already acts like one so I’m just dreading when he is a teen. Maybe he will just snap into an awesome teenage human without pubescent mood swings though? Probably not but mom can dream!

I am planning a few trips for just Travis and I and not just to Vegas or somewhere we typically go. Somewhere we have to fly, have just enough time to settle in and then fly home. But it will be for US!

So 2016 is looking pretty good for us! We are making it that way!

What does 2016 have in store for you?


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