It is that time yet again….


With everything that has been going on, I still have scads to be thankful for. Some days it’s harder than others to realize it but every day has something special to offer.

Today I am thankful that it is Delylahs last day of kindergarten! It will be so nice not to have stop what I am doing to go get her. It is bittersweet as this is her last day with the friends she has made. It will be a great day for her!

I am thankful that I am almost done packing! I see a light at the end of the tunnel and can begin deep cleaning my life away. Just a few more boxes and taking down bed frames. WOOO!

I am thankful Travis is home! We will be able to get so much done together this week. It will be nice to have the help and have the company! I might be going crazy….

I am thankful for my carpet shampooer. Yes, that is weird but at this present moment it is my best friend. My white carpet will appreciate it too.

I am thankful when my phone doesn’t ring or get notifications. Not that I’m not grateful when it’s someone seeing how I am handling life… but I am so busy right now…everyone knows that. But every time I get a text, phone call or email I have to stop what I am doing. It could be the lender or real estate agent. I might have to stop what I’m doing for paperwork or something. It just makes my day a little more hectic than it already is.

I am extremely thankful for my kids. They have been a rock for me when Travis is gone. We had to spend most of the day away from home yesterday and they were fantastic! They knew it was going to be a long day and they were exceptionally well! I love them!

I am thankful that the power is back on this morning. I wouldn’t be able to get what I want done without it.

All these things are small. You don’t have to have something detrimental happen to be thankful for the days. The small things add up to be those big things. Be thankful for life!

Happy Thursday



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2 thoughts on “IT IS…..THANKFUL THURSDAY

  1. I always feel a little more grateful my phone doesn’t go off while I’m in the middle of something or working. I always feel compelled to answer with the kids or whatever else is going on, you never know when you are needed. Those few moments of peace are something to be treasured! Thanks for sharing!

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