The past couple of days have kicked me in the face. Each day I try to find the positive, no matter what. As I woke this morning, with many things on my mind, I realize that the things that are kicking me in the face are all things I can not control. But I can control how I perceive them. That’s one of the first steps in being happy! Looking at things differently. With that being said, it is time for a THANKFUL THURSDAY!

I am extremely thankful for my kids positive outlook. Yes, they aren’t always happy-go-lucky kids, and yes they sometimes seem to hate life. But with everything from moving, not knowing anyone, making new friends, not having mom to play with constantly since I am so busy getting everything done here and all the stressful things that have happened, they have been on top of their game. Helping me out, telling me everything will be ok and getting along. I just love my little beasties!

I am thankful for all the support I receive from my friends and family. We are certainly not close (living) but we are always there for each other and that helps me get through the toughest of days. Knowing I can call someone and get all the BS out makes me feel better.

We have a pool. Oh Yes, I am super thankful for that! Without the pool, I don’t know that we would be able to adjust as good as we have. The humidity here is terrible but the pool has helped out tremendously. I get super busy organizing and cleaning but when we jump in that pool we are all together playing, having fun and spending time together.

My neighbors are A-OK and I am thankful for that. Growing up in the city I know some people who live around you can be total douche bags. We happen to like our neighbors and they’ve been pretty helpful. Telling us the happening spots or where we can take our kids to have fun. Which grocery store is better. They also have kids, so my kids don’t have to be super bored all the time. Our little dog got out once when we weren’t home and they put him back in for us. That’s pretty cool in my book. They may be small things but they end up being big!

I am thankful for stupid things like ceiling fans, the swifter mop, trash day, window shades and tiki torches. With dark hard wood floors you can see all the animal hair my fur creatures leave behind. The swifter mop is awesome for that. We no longer can fill a trailer with trash and go to the dump. Thank goodness the trash man comes once a week because I don’t know what we do, we seem to have a plethora of garbage. The tiki torches in the back yard with bug repellent have been a blessing. I don’t have any fresh bug bites! Just got a quote for window shades for our east facing windows. I can’t wait for that to happen and the upstairs can be cooler. The ceiling fans, that is just a must here!

While we are going through quite a bit right now, there is always something positive in everything negative. You just to have to stop and look around for it. The bad stuff happens to teach us how to look at the good things in a whole new way.

Happy Thankful Thursday My Friends!



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