It Hurts To Be Pretty

Yesterday I changed my tragus piercing for what seemed like the first time in at least 14 years. I got them done when I was 18 and have only tried to change them a couple of times with the help of Travis and always ended up putting the original earings in.

I bought studs instead of rings and decided it’s time for a change. At least for a little while.

For one, it’s ridiculously hard to change the damn earing and I have no idea how people do it. I even You Tubed how people do it and they just feel around for hole inside your ear. Ya, I couldn’t seem to find the damn hole! Awesome!  Second, the earing I bought happened to be 1 gauge bigger than what I had in so pushing them through didn’t feel that great and my ears feel like I just got them pierced again. Of course I needed help. Travis was at work so my brothers girlfriend helped me. We should have got it on video because I’m sure it was entertaining.

Now they are changed and look pretty. It hurts to be pretty because my ears are killing me this morning. After having them in since yesterday I look at them in the mirror and think the rings are better! I didn’t go through this to just take them out and if I take them out now I’m sure that will be painful too. So we are going with it for a while. At least until they don’t hurt anymore. I’m sure there has got to be an easier way or easier studs for the tragus. Maybe by the time I decide to do this again I will have found them.


I don’t remember how long my ears hurt when I first got them done. That seems like ages ago. So hopefully this doesn’t last long!!


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