It Has Arrived, The Glorious Last Day Of School!!!!

It has finally arrived!

The last day of school!

I am elated that it is finally here! This has been a long, hard week with class parties, awards and final field trips.

The school year seemed to be here and gone in a flash. The kids both handled it differently in a new place but had some of the same tribulations.

Delylah is the social butterfly of the two. She wants for everyone to like her. She dislikes conflict and being in trouble. She doesn’t mind being in any type of social situation and will do anything in front of other people. I’d say she had a good year socially. Not great. She was bullied by friends but continued to be their friend because, well because she’s 7. She has lots of acquaintances because she talks to everyone but has only a couple of friends. Which I think is great. Academically she had a fantastic year. She is reading chapter books, excelling in math and loves to draw and write.

Levi is anti social but tried so hard to come out of his shell. He doesn’t like being the center of attention or any attention being called to him period. Going to a new school after being home-schooled and moving has got to be tough. Not just any school, but 6th grade! He made little to no friends over the course of this school year. There are kids who say they are his friends but won’t give him the time of day. Those aren’t friends and he knows it. They just went on a field trip to an arcade place yesterday and he came home so upset because no one would hang out with him. His “friends” wouldn’t hang out with him. They were all of a sudden too cool. It’s been a very hard year for him. Academically Levi did mediocre. He could have done better but let his emotions get the better of him.

For both of my kids and for different reasons, I am so happy that school is about to end. For a few short months there will be no pressure or being bullied from other kids. There will be fewer reasons for my kids to hate every minute of their lives here. It will be peaceful. No one will come home in the after noon upset or crying because of their mean fake friends.

For myself, there will be no more waking up at 5 am. Packing lunches. Making sure the laundry is always done. Making cookies constantly to cheer up my upset kids when they walk in the door. (sweets make everything better) Now I can make cookies for my already happy kids!

While many of you dread your kids being home all summer, I welcome it. Especially after the school year they have endured here.

After today, I have an intense 7th grader and blossoming 2nd grader!

Happy Friday My Friends


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