It Feels Like A Friday!

Well, Hello Friday.

Upon opening my eyes I reached over and grabbed the thermometer to take my temperature. A first for me. A self study. Something I will be doing for the next few days to check the balance of my thyroid. In a way I never thought you could even do. I always thought you needed to be pricked with blood trickling through the needle and awaiting results to find out anything concrete about anything in your body. But alas, that is not the truth!

Today, This Friday, Has brought me a new awakening. I will take this body back and make it my own again. Maybe I woke up with a kink in the neck but I did wake up. Not only did I wake up but my stomach hurt a little less today. The inflammation is still there but the pain is slowly subsiding. In just a few short days I will begin phase one of an Elimination Diet that will help me in the process of taking my body back and also help me understand the diet and reactions that the foods are giving my body. Something the doctor failed to mention when he put me on an elimination diet. He just eliminated everything and sent me on my way. Turns out the things I have been eating, are my triggers. What a crock! Who needs doctors?

Friday! We need Fridays!

My kids woke up and went off to school this morning in fabulous moods!

Our taxes are done and checked off my list!

The bees are coming out of the hive, eating more and proving that even the smallest of beings can overcome the harshest obstacles thrown at them.

While I am feeling a bit better, I don’t feel good enough to be heading to the yoga studio. Maybe I should go, maybe I shouldn’t go. So I’m not going. I can get some yoga in at home today and get some use out my trapeze.

I was kind of excited yesterday when the weather was warming up. It meant I could start cleaning out the flower beds and maybe wearing shorts. But today it’s back to cold and it’s supposed to rain this weekend. Which is perfect. It makes not feeling the greatest not feel so bad. Like staying on the couch watching movies isn’t a bad thing! It’s just giving me more confirmation that I’m doing the right thing by letting my body heal. So thank you Mother Nature!

 It’s Friday and I woke up. Not only did I wake up but I woke up feeling fabulous despite some draw backs.

How are you feeling this Friday?


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