It Doesn’t Feel Like Summer Is Over

It is the last day of my kids summer vacation!

While I am jumping for joy on the inside I know this means homework, exhaustion, attitudes and a lot of crying. From them, not me. At least I hope I don’t lose my shit so soon in the school year!

So today, being the good mom that I am, I ask them how they want to spend their last day of freedom. How do they answer? They don’t care! Picking up dog poop and doing chores it is then!

Not really.

I made suggestions. Science Museum. Aquarium. Zoo. Kayaking. Hiking. They couldn’t decide or said no to everything I threw their way so now I am deciding for us. Bowling, possibly followed by the movies and by the time we get back home they will have enough time for a quick dip in the pool, dinner, showers and bed!

Hallelujah! Summer vacation will finally be over!

Alas, the dreams of vacation will quickly be forgotten and forcibly awakened by the piercing sounds of the alarm at 5 am tomorrow morning. Quickly followed by the growling of a pubescent tweenager of how he hates mornings, school, Texas and people. Shortly after I will hear the whining of a terrible princess claiming to have gotten zero sleep and how she hates all of her clothes! Unable to dress, unable to function. What will they do!?

My goal is to get them out of the house on time. Levi on the bus and Delylah out of my car and off my leg as I leave her school.

It is possible. I can and I will accomplish this and then maybe, just maybe, go to yoga! Or clean out more rooms. (Have I mentioned lately that I am cleaning rooms, closets and cabinets out again? I do it a lot)

Yes, summer vacation is about to end. But this first day back into reality is going to be an arduous one. With unwavering children and their head strong attitudes.

I don’t have to think about that until my alarm goes off. Right now it’s all about today. Today is going to be magnificently grand. I say this with a maniacal smile across my face. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday My Friends


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